9mm Graphic Inlaid Brosscoir Logo Mats

Let the walk-in do the talking.... 

100% polypropylene  and DDA compliant.

The shallower 9mm depth is perfect for many restricted situations.

Long lasting retaining its brightness throughout it's usage.

Available in 9 colours.

Designed to be widely used in many commercial and domestic situations. Brosscoir matting is fully colourfast and cleanable retaining its brightness throughout its usage. Ideal for mat-wells, porches or wall to wall fitting

The shallower depth is perfect for many situations where there is restricted door clearance. 

Brosscoir matting is 100% polypropylene with a latex backing and is DDA compliant.

All our mats are manufactured using graphic inlay and are custom hand made in the UK

Available in 9 colours.

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Colours shown are only a representation. Please see samples for actual shades.